Terms and Conditions

All web addresses are automatically filtered through various spam and malware scanners. We reserve the right to disable any URL that we suspect is being used for spamming/illegal purposes... ban the user and may report to the ISP involved. The following types of links and use of our services is prohibited and may be considered abusive: • Links containing URL shortening domains (chaining of redirects or anonymizers). • Domains listed in Blocklists like phishtank.com or equivalent.. • Sites blacklisted in Google Safe Browsing or with other phish/malware tracing methods. • Links to criminal content such as "counterfeit pages," "phishing pages." • Links to material containing viruses, adware, spyware, or other malicious code. • Links that infringe a copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret. • Use in unsolicited or unauthorized email or SMS text messages. • Comment or advertising spam posted on blogs, forums, IM, social networks, etc. • Hacking/cracking, pornography, drug, alcohol or tobacco-related, weapon-related. • Unlawful, fraudulent, violent, harassing, obscene or otherwise objectionable material.